M.O.M. Manifattura Orologiaia Modenese

Italy has always been the land of passion, elegance, style, trends. A place rich in history, contradictions, beauty, life, where beautiful landscapes, unique foods, fashion and engines have always found fertile ground to born, grow up, fortify and conquer the whole world thanks to its uniqueness, and to its excellence.

And it’s from one of its most dynamic regions, Emilia Romagna, that our unique project is born, a place where craftsmanship, love for mechanics and design and passion for life have created several companies, market leader in their own segments.

Our first collection comes out thinking about the most known of them, the one of sport automotive, characterized by unique realities, capable of expressing all that can be defined such as the most Italic: passion, lucid madness, genius and style.

And exactly from here starts our project: MOM (“Manifattura Orologiaia Modenese“,Modenese Watch manufacturer), is our challenge, our bet thrown to the world of watchmaking. A unique concept born from Lowell, an Italian company based in Modena, born in 1969, that has always worked in the world of watch making.

M.O.M. project means unique models, made with a clear style, with lines modeled from the experience and wisdom of our Italian designers, who were able to instill in each of the timepieces created the passion and life that only Italy can infuse.

All defined with one eye to the past and one to the future of design, fashion, taste, in order to create an unbreakable link between story and dream, between the wisdom of the artisans of the past and the desire of innovation of young Italian designers and Italian and worldwide trend setters.

M.O.M.: style, passion, design and precision Made in Italy.